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What We Do 

A Silent Investment Private Office (Sole Owned Hedge Fund) / Direct Business Deals.

Mutual Fund Investments, Hedge Fund Trading Strategies, Pension Fund Construction, Sovereign Wealth Fund Construction, Independent Asset Management, Endowment Model Development, and FDIPA (Foreign Direct Investment Promotion Agency).

GPI has no clients and all its network of experts are not employees in any capacity, its main purpose along with all of its branch activities named SBUs Strategic Business Units is to serve the principal/owner (for Retirement Planning), it engages occasionally with whom we call Neighbors (Direct connections of personal networks and circles) in an MFO Multi Family Office-like model for co-investments and club deals arrangement acting more as an allocator.

We create pragmatic analysis of strategic planning and risk management that works and can be really used for existential critical situations that can't wait for enough data until its too late.

We allocate assets and pick the best performers and winning assets in an unprecedented consensus-smashing predictive analytical models.

Advising sovereigns and UHNWIs on their 360 degrees affairs.


A Complete Framework for  Diversifying Risk through country and sector rotational strategies within our Satellite Allocation

Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund Asset Allocation

  • Trading and Re-balancing

  • Risk Assessment 

Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Real Estate.
  • Hedge Fund Trading Strategies

  • Hedge Fund Due Diligence

  • Private Equity Due Diligence

  • Real Estate Valuation

  • Endowment Model Construction

  • Asset Allocation

  • Fund Manager Selection

  • Performance Evaluation, Measurement, and Attribution

Family Offices
  • Single Family Office Setup

  • Multi Family Office Co-Investments and Club Deals

  • Peer Networking and Best Practices Sharing


Our Preferences

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"The market will do what it should, but not always when it should."